In Gratitude to So Many Students Committed to Rising..

pilates trapeze lunge


“Jennifer is the most extraordinary Pilates coach and one of the sweetest most graceful yet strong women on the planet.  Love you @empowerpilatesmalibu… I am so fortunate to have a coach like you… Follow her for inspiration.” Roma Downey

“Thanks for keeping us moving, and in good health as well as good spirits.
We know your cues and vigilance are essential to us. We appreciate you!”  Howard and Rosalie.

“Jennifer’s has the gift of conveying body and mind awareness with  beauty of language and physical example.  In these months of Pilates Mat Classes and one on one sessions I have been transformed!  I’m in love with the experience!  Jennifer makes you feel special with her generosity of attention.” Susan G., Malibu

“I love Jennifer!  She has a warm beautiful energy, combined with patience and vast knowledge of the body.  She is continually advancing her knowledge and understanding of movement and exercises.  This along with her dance background makes her a wonderful teacher. Also, as a physical therapist I am comfortable recommending any patients to her for training or post-rehab.  If you want more from your workouts and a caring knowledgeable teacher then Jennifer is the go to person. I highly recommend taking Jennifer’s classes or private instruction.”  Natalia S, Los Angeles

” I always thought that pilates is for those who don’t like the “real workout ” and they are more into gymnastics and or ballet. To my surprise , after the very first session with Jennifer the next morning I was sore almost everywhere . Before I met Jennifer I suffered with a long term sciatic pain have tried so many things, chiropractor , yoga , acupuncture , after 4 years of dealing with the pain I must admit I thought it is permanent and I need to learn to live with pain.
Only 10 sessions later the pain is finally gone . Practicing Pilates is one thing, but having the right instructor is what makes the session to be therapeutic .
Jennifer’s ability to connect with her student is truly authentic . Her understanding of the student body and ability to see the nano out of alignments is incredible. She always knows what exercise I need , and which muscles, joins and fascia I need to work on.
I feel so much stronger now, living with no pain in my body is the biggest part. I am very blessed and grateful to know Jennifer in person , she walks the talk herself , and I admire her commitment to be on the healthy path. She is a true inspiration for all of us at the Malibu Fitness Gym.” Gosia Reed, Odnova/Gosha’s Organics, Malibu.

“We are huge fans of Jennifer’s teaching style! My husband and I recently did her new Pilates and Paddle Boarding class and absolutely LOVED it! Pilates and paddle boarding are a natural and ideal combination. This class was our first paddle boarding lesson and pilates beforehand was the key to fun day. Without the check-in Jennifer provided, I know I would have had significantly less awareness of my balance and body alignment. It was a refreshing energizing couple of hours thanks to Jennifer.” Sandi Turner, Malibu.

“Jennifer’s knowledge of the human body helps her to expertly describe every detail as you move in and out of each pose. Her studied euphemisms helped me to visualize the movements in my head while I was executing them. Her energy and disposition are also remarkable, making my first Pilates class not only physically enjoyable but mentally exhilarating as well. I walked away feeling so rejuvenated! Would highly recommend this to anyone!” Lauren van Keulen, Malibu

“We LOVE Jennifer and Jennifer’s Class at the Malibu Beach Inn. Jennifer is an amazing Instructor with a lovely, soothing, wonderful way about herself. We look forward to our Classes on the sand with the ocean waves and sun setting! ”
Jill Jennings, General Manager Malibu Beach Inn, Malibu

“Jennifer’s training, sunshine and encouragement helped advance my fitness far beyond the reason I began with her in the first place. I wore a back brace (scoliosis) and was in constant pain. After 3 months the brace is about half-time, the pain is significantly reduced, and I even have plans to return to ballet class in 2 months.”
N Cohen, Los Angeles