Welcome Back Coach Sisson!



Look who is back in town!  Welome back, Coach Sisson!  We were so happy to have you back at Malibu Fitness last month.  You are ever an exemplar of radiant health and fitness.  Thank you for all you do to inspire, to share your knowledge, and to guide others to reclaim their optimal health and vitality through Primal Health principles.  I am so happy to be on your team as a Primal Health Coach, and sharing the information forward.

Be a strong, healthy, happy, smart human being serving one’s community to the highest capacity.

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Live Awesome!

Here’s to vitality.

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Here it is. The Ultimate Anti-aging Technique; Sprinting!

Usain Bolt of Jamaica competes in the Men's 100 meter semifinal on Day 9 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on Aug.14, 2016.Are you seeking to enhance your youthfulness, vitality, strength, and lean physique?  Would you like to feel more energetic, vibrant and powerful?  Sprinting is the answer.  You’ve probably heard about the benefits of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), testosterone, and insulin sensitivity on many aspects of health.  And how increasing our mitochondrial density and function is like unleashing the fountain of youth. Great news– one doesn’t need to get a prescription for them! Sprinting is a fantastic way to naturally boost one’s key longevity hormones, increase mitochondrial activity, elevate GH and testosterone, activate fat burning genes, enhance insulin sensitivity and glucose regulation, prevent chronic disease and cognitive decline.  Does this sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  Read on and enjoy the empowerment.


Sprinting involves an all out explosive burst of effort for a brief period of time.  Humans are built to perform at full intensity in short bursts. For our ancestors, sprinting meant escape from dangerous predators and thus, the ability to survive and propagate.  By sprinting, we stress our bodies and give a message to our genes that we must up-regulate our function and structure.   This message activates an entire cascade of gene transcription and the creation of chemicals and responses in our mitochodria (the energy “powerhouses” of the cell) which elevate our performance physically and cognitively.  If we follow this with recovery time, we allow our bodies to  build the required systems to thrive, and essentially reverse the aging process.  Biological aging can decrease while chronological aging continues.  Pretty cool.


Recovery time is key.   Skip it and enter the dangerously familiar chronic stress, fight or flight, “adrenal overload” (or more accurately described as HPA axis dysregulation) picture we know to accelerate aging and chronic disease. It’s not pretty.  Enjoy the rest!  It will make you more powerful and youthful.


Sprinting can be modified for all levels, but it is important to first establish a steady aerobic baseline.  This entails moving frequently at a slow pace, at a maximum aerobic heart rate of  (180-age) beats per minute for several hours per week.  This creates a safe steady state of health from which to begin taking on the stress of sprinting.


A strong focus on form and technique is essential for safety. Keeping the intervals brief and intense, with appropriate rest periods between sprints, and recovery time afterward, will ensure positive results.   Seeking something with low impact? Try laps in the pool, sprinting on a stationary bike, going full throttle on a rowing machine, or even running uphill in the sand. One might even start with consecutive sit to stand squats from a chair to minimize stress on the joints. Create a safe environment for your personal state of health.  A strategic warm up is critical, focusing on excellent technique, elevated circulation and nervous system activation.


Sprint only when fully rested and energized.  Feeling sick, overworked, or under-slept?  Skip the sprints and go for a long, gentle walk.   This will maximize the positive hormonal effect of sprints without overstressing the body.


The key to sprinting is generating maximum explosive efforts in a short duration of time.  Sprints may range from 8-30 seconds (beyond 30 seconds explosiveness declines and the workout becomes interval training).  One might try burst of 8-15 seconds for running, uphill sand sprints, or 20-30 seconds for stationary biking or rowing.    After a few minutes of warming up, try sprinting for 4-6 rounds, with ample time between each round to return heart rate and breathing to normal. That’s it.  No more.   The idea is FULL OUT effort, followed by FULL recovery.  These extremes stimulate the body to grow stronger and more resilient.  The entire workout might take 20 minutes or less, depending on how much recovery time is needed between sprint bursts. How great is that?  An intense, well performed workout in 20 mins or less!


When running sprints, focus on these key elements of form;

A tall spine, pilates posture with a balanced center of gravity,  feet striking directly under the hips, scapula retracted, ribs and hips square, elbows bent at 90 degrees and swinging freely at the sides of the body.

To enhance the explosiveness of each stride, think of running on hot lava.

Maintain a “strong foot” (dorsiflexion), and high knees, and think of pedaling a

bicycle (legs directly underneath the body) rather than long strides.

Aim for a mid foot strike.

Some great warm up drills are outlined in this video and include:

1. hopping; high knee, high toe

2. high knee running (dorsiflex)

3. high heel to hips running (high toe/dorsiflex)

4. bicycle in air

5. hamstring kick outs; knee to chest and extend in front (hamstring length and strength)


Enjoy the rush of some all out sprints!  Do it once every 7-10 days.  Not more.  Aim for maximal explosiveness in each stride (running/biking) or stroke (swimming).  Keep it short and intense.


Sprinting becomes fun, exhilarating, and energizing.  It is fast and powerful work.  Enjoy the rush of longevity hormones, mood enhancement, elevated GH and testosterone and subsequent improvements in cardiovascular function, musculoskeletal health, cognition, bone density, sexual function, skin tone, and vitality.  A sparkle in the eyes!


By observing the effects of sprinting, we become aware of the incredible intelligence of the body.  Following intense stress, the body responds by up-regulating itself in the recovery period.  Indeed, the body recognizes that it must get stronger in order to survive intense circumstances.  It therefore turns on genes for enhanced cardiovascular function, respiration, musculoskeletal structure, nervous system activation, hormonal balance and more. The entire system rises to higher levels of physical and cognitive performance.  When we understand and respect the science of this masterfully orchestrated system of the body, how it responds to the information we give it, we harness incredible power to rise to our highest potential, thereby preventing disease and decline, and feeling radiantly alive. We thrive and enjoy the thrill of being in the driver’s seat of our own health and vitality.  Go out there, go for a sprint, and make it happen!


Create solutions. Be smart.  Be Primal.  And feel radiantly alive!

Best to all,


Important: I am not a doctor or medical professional and the advice in this post is for informational purposes only. If you are pregnant or have a health condition, consult a doctor before adding anything to your health routine.

Moving with Strength, Mobility and Control after 70 Years!


These pilates All Stars, Rosalie and Howard, are back in action! And modeling what it is to be vibrantly moving and thriving at 70+.

Following a fall in her kitchen, causing a vertebral compression fracture, Rosalie took several weeks off and now is back in the studio moving with intelligence, alignment, and determination to empower herself.  Our work focuses on strengthening her core, shoulders, and hips, along with developing strong functional biomechanics and posture for daily activities.  Working with resistance, a healthy range of movement and in three dimensional planes, she and Howard are elevating their fascial health, strength, mobility and motor control.  Key elements for healing fractures and elevating bone density are adequate vitamin D3, K2, magnesium and trace mineral intake, bone broth, collagen, resistance training, and a whole food/anti-inflammatory diet. I reversed my own osteoporosis by following this regimen and have written about it in hopes of helping others to do so.

Howard presented to me several months ago with multiple health concerns and the desire to shed a few pounds.  As a budding Primal Health Coach, I guided him to understand how he could improve all systems of his body through changes in his nutrition/movement/lifestyle.  I encouraged him to make some changes in his diet and referred him to the Paleo/Primal principles and @marksisson’s 21 Day Transformation as a guide.  He took this on with full determination and returned to the studio this week looking younger, full of energy, and 10 pounds lighter.  Congratulations, Rosalie and Howard!  Your commitment to your health is guiding you to be biologically younger each day!

Here’s to Vitality!


Hip Hip Hooray! Living in the Bionic Age. Chapter 7

Jen on Reformer IMG_1418 copy

Hip hip hooray! Celebrating my “titanium anniversary” today by moving powerfully on the pilates reformer.    I am deeply grateful and I strive to bring my own experience forward to help guide others to heal themselves and to move into power, grace, and vitality.  Two years ago I became bionic, times two hips.  The technical term is bilateral hip replacements.  It has been a rigorous journey demanding dedicated work and intense focus on my goals–strength and mobility with control, powerful, pain free, elegant movement.  And renewed vitality for life.

Rebalancing the complex systems of the body following surgery, and a lifetime of work as a professional dancer, is a challenging and rewarding journey. I am so grateful for the power of the human body to heal and am witness to the true miracles that can evolve with excellent tools and information.  And determination.  I myself, went from a place of feeling pain with every step, and a tremendous drain of energy (that I did not even realize was upon me until that drain was released) to now moving powerfully. This experience gives me tremendous compassion for people who are living in pain, who are seeking to do the work to heal themselves, and seeking the answers to do so. Now having the power to hike mountains, rock climb, paddleboard,  dance, and move again with grace and power, is a miracle that has been realized through the diligent work of many people: myself and an incredilble team of professionals I have chosen to learn from.


Dr. Jason Snibbe, you are a Superstar.  Thanks to all the friends, coaches, teachers, and mentors who have guided me along the way.  I am dedicated to sharing the information forward.  And to constantly learning and creating better solutions.


Visualize yourself at your highest potential.  Make it happen. Work hard, dig deep, ask questions, be curious, never ever give up.  The answers will come. Channel fear into excitement. Obstacles make us stronger.  Commit to a champion mindset. And make your dreams come to life.

For a more complete account of my recovery, see  This site is an inspiring piece of work, dedicated to professional dancers who have undergone hip surgery and returned to high level performance.

Here’s to living to our highest potential, every day!



Hip Power. Therapy with Tali Duer. Stecco and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

This incredibly talented and knowledgeable woman, Tali Duer, PT OCS, has been by my side for the past two years at Body Logic, guiding me to heal and rebalance after a my bilateral hip replacements in 2016 and a lifetime of demands as a professional dancer.  Her technique is a combination of multiple disciplines, including Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and Stecco Fascial manipulations.  She has stood by me with unrelenting wisdom, compassion and incredible skill, guiding me to reclaim powerful function.  I am tremendously grateful to Tali, and the team of incredible professionals who have helped me gather pieces to the puzzle which I work on daily, with diligence, focus, and optimism.  I strive to share all I am learning and discovering through my own experience, with others, to help streamline the path towards optimal function, and living with power and grace!  Tali is expanding her work to help people access healing, through her website,, featuring CBD products of the highest quality and efficacy.  Enjoy!

IHH-UCSF Integrative/Functional Medicine Paleo/Ancestral Health Conference 2018


So honored to be with all stars Robb Wolf and Chris Kresser at IHH-UCSF’s Annual Integrative/Functional Medicine Conference 2018!!

What a wealth of information was shared by the all-star line up of speakers this weekend at UCSF’s Annual Integrative/Functional Medicine Conference.  Chris Kresser, Robb Wolf, Dr. Akil Palanisamy, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Grace Liu, and more stellar doctors and scientists from UCSF, Harvard and beyond, graced the stage and generously shared their research and wisdom with us.  How validating it was to hear these top-notch docs proclaiming the principles we teach in the Primal Health Community.  And to see their scientific evidence proving how these methods not only reverse chronic disease, but the aging process itself.


As a former medical student at UCSF, I was filled with a flood of excitement to be back in this remarkable institution where I had originally begun my professional health career.  In the midst of my third year at UCSF School of Medicine, I chose to accept an opportunity to dance professionally in Paris, France.  I embarked upon a career as a professional dancer, and dove into learning to optimize human performance, physically and mentally. Ever a student, I am constantly learning from icons in the fields of medicine, health and wellness, and striving to connect the dots so that I may implement them strategically.  And now, as a high performance movement and health coach, I aim to streamline the information into practical systems, and effectively teach them to others, so that they may lead themselves to optimal health and performance.


What were the prime take aways? The importance of intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, reducing carbohydrates in all forms, zero tolerance for refined sugars/grains and chemically refined vegetable oils.



Dr. Akil Palanisamy spoke to us about the power of the ketogenic diet and detoxification to reverse Type 2 Diabetes.  In fact, research shows that in 94% of cases, (VIRTA Health Study) insulin use can be decreased or eliminated through these measures.  Interesting to note, is the similarity of this protocol to that promoted by Dr. Joslin in the 1920’s for treating diabetes: with 5% carbs, 20% protein, 75% fat, it was a diet rich in game, fish, gelatin, eggs, butter, olive oil, coffee and tea.  Trend, or return to ancestral wisdom??


Dr. Palanisamy linked the rise in insulin resistance and obesity in the general population to the increased use of pesticides, chemicals and Persistant Organic Pollutants, PCB’s and heavy metals.  His solution is a detox protocol, with an emphasis on vegetables (cruciferous; cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower; beets and leafy greens), turmeric/curcumin, green tea (elevates glutathione in the body), sulphur (garlic, onions), cilantro, parsley and other herbs.  He discussed the importance of sweating induced by an external heat source (sauna) versus an internal source (exercise).  His book, The Paleovedic Diet, outlines his system combining Ayuervedic Medicine with Paleo/Ancestral Principles.


Dr. Terry Wahls spoke of her remarkable recovery from debilitating Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through adherence to her own system, The Wahls Protocol.  Her TED talk is not to be missed.  She emphasized the importance of choosing appropriate whole foods to reverse autoimmune reactions and multiple diseases. She emphasized the importance of whole food sources of micronutrients, especially zinc, magnesium, biotin, vitamins K2, D, A, lipoic acid, and acetyl carnitine.  No pill can encapsulate the array of bioactive compounds in whole food.  Like Dr. Palanisamy, she hailed the importance of cruciferous vegetables, onions, garlic, mushrooms, leafy greens, organ meats, and avoidance of sugars, processed foods, lectins (proteins in plant seeds/skins that disrupt the gut barrier and nervous system, and trigger autoimmune cascades) such as gluten.  Gluten and other lectins, along with casein, a protein in dairy products, are linked with detrimental effects on the brain, even when gut symptoms are not present.  Thus, subclinical effects may build up over time without any overt symptoms.  Through simple changes such as those outlined in the Wahls protocol, and that of Dr. Dale Bredesen, dramatic improvements have been observed in reversing diseases of the brain and nervous system.  The improvement in cellular repair and mitochondrial function can be extrapolated to extended physiological upgrades in the body, leading to the healing of multiple systems simultaneously (cardiovascular, hormonal/endocrine, musculoskeletal, etc).  The key is improved cellular repair and mitochondrial activity, which are the foundation of health in all physiological systems.


Dr. Sharon Meyer explained the anti-inflammatory, fat burning, disease reducing effects of the ketogenic diet.  Based on a diet very low in carboydrates (from above ground non starchy vegetables), low in protein (from high quality wild/free range animals), high in healthy fats (ie., avocado, coconut, ghee, omega-3’s, MCT), the ketogenic diet helps the body shift out of glucose, into fat, as fuel.  When glucose and glycogen stores are depleted, fat –a clean burning, lasting source of energy–becomes the prime fuel.  One can liken this to switching from quick burning dirty coal to solar energy.  Once becoming a “fat burning beast” (as mentor, Mark Sisson says) a person no longer suffers cycles of hyper/hypoglycemia and subsequent bursts of high insulin levels, which lead to inflammation and disease.  One enjoys burning fat stores off their body, and ingested dietary fats, and going for longer periods of time without hunger.  Once a person has become fat adapted, they can begin going longer periods of time without food, and enter the period known as ketosis. This is an energy state that has been vital throughout evolution, keeping humans sharp and resilient in times of famine.   Ketones are generated when fatty acids are burned.  Beta-hydroxybutyrate, the most abundant ketone, is highly anti-inflammatory, improves immunity and mitochondrial activity, protects neurons, inhibits seizures and cancer, leads to weight loss and cardiovascular health, elevates mood and cognitive function.  The health effects are extraordinarily compelling.


While a ketogenic diet is only advocated once one is fat adapted, Intermittent Fasting (IF), the process of going for extended periods of time between meals/snacks, can lead to similar health benefits.  Digestion and processing food takes energy away from cellular repair and detoxification.  When one alleviates this demand and goes for longer periods of time without food, the body goes into deep healing and repair states, scavenges for rogue cells (such as those which lead to cancer) and eliminates them.  Essentially, if the body is likened to a factory, this is time for the cleaning crew to come out and get everything in top condition again before the next working day.  Once food comes in again, energy is diverted away from this cellular repair and regeneration, towards digestion and metabolism.


Mark Sisson’s Book, The Keto Reset Diet, is a prime resource for learning how to do this safely and effectively.  Jump on board and enjoy the incredible health benefits.


Dr. Grace Liu gave a compelling presentation on The Altruistic Flora: How Keystone Bacteria in the Microbiome Help You Gain and Maintain Metabolic Flexibility.  She outlined how the agricultural revolution and rise in processed foods parallels the deterioration of the human microbiome and rise in disease.  Diversity of gut flora leads to metabolic flexibility, a hallmark of health.  This is the ability to switch from glucose/glycogen to fat/ketones as fuel.  Adoption of the paleo diet, with its elimination of sugars, processed foods, grains and chemically refined oils, has led to incredible outcomes in recovery from autism, arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases, due to, as Dr. Liu describes, the rise in diversity of the microbiome.  She stressed the importance of quality sleep, stress balance and toxin removal in healing the microbiome.


Dr. Sara Gottfried, all star physician from UCSF/Harvard/MIT, and multiple NY Times best selling author, presented her Five Breakthrough Strategies to Reverse Aging and Inflammation, Reset Gene Expression and Boost Vitality.  Who doesn’t want that??

At the age of 45, Dr. Gottfried looked at the quality of her telomeres (like little caps on the ends of DNA strands) and was stunned to realize they tested for the biological age of 65.  By implementing her protocol, her telomere tested biological age has been reduced by seventeen years.  That is compelling scientific evidence for the anti-aging effects, at a DNA level, of lifestyle choices.  She emphasized that health is 10% genetics, 90% environment and lifestyle.  No excuses.  Reclaim your health and take action.


She outlines how “Inflam-Aging” is due to the Standard American Diet, and the skyrocketing incidence of insulin resistance, gut permeability, and decreased microbiome diversity.  Also a culprit is reduction in exercise and movement.  Her strategy to increase “HealthSpan”, the time spent disease free and vital (which can be calculated at is outlined here;


1. Increase type II muscle fibers; Move!!  Our fast twitch fibers deteriorate with time and must be stimulated with explosive, high velocity, jumping, swinging motions.  If box jumps and kettle bell swings are not your thing, start with some simple hops, jump rope, or jumping jacks.


2. Limit Carbohydrates

This is directly linked to decreased mortality and disease. Find the optimal amount for you; too little carbs can lead to thyroid and adrenal imbalances.


3. Intermittent Fasting

She’s on board too.  Sixteen hours of IF is needed to produce ketones, but even a twelve hour period of IF has beneficial results.  Start where you can, and challenge yourself to go a little it longer without food over time, allowing your body to benefit from the deep healing chemistry that occurs.  IF benefits include resetting insulin sensitivity, elevating mental acuity, reversing fatty liver, improving myelination of nerve cells, transforming with fat to beige fat, weight loss, decreasing inflammation and elevating mitochondrial activity. Exercising in the morning fasted state can enhance the benefits of intemittent fasting.  Insulin sensitivity is greater in the morning, and may be an opportune time to take in any carbs for the day.  Eating one’s last meal several hours before bedtime allows the body to complete digestion, and enter the restorative healing stage while sleeping.  Eat when you will be using the energy, not before resting.



4. Optimize Insulin

Dr. G explained that blood sugar/glucose levels rise 10 points every decade after age forty. By optimizing glucose and insulin levels, 60% of cognitive decline can be avoided.


5. Optimize Sleep

She stresses the sweet spot of 7-8.5 hours per night for the longest “healthspan”.  Less that this elevates cortisol, triggers inflammation, disrupts insulin and metabolic balance, triggers appetite, inhibits decision-making, increases risk of smoking, sedentary behavior, and alcohol use, and increases cardiometabolic disease risk.


Finally, she spoke about “What Steals Youth”;

Sitting, poor posture, medications (especially anti-histamines, statins and anti-anxiety pills), high carbs, losing sleep, low vitamin D, high levels of perceived stress, social isolation, and lack of vision and purpose.


Dr. G emphasized that we all have different carb thresholds, and encourages one to follow biomarkers to determine optimal levels.  If carbs are too low, adrenal and thyroid problems will occur.  She likes to see fasting insulin levels in the range of 3-5, and fasting glucose at 70-85. Her new book, Younger, is packed with this information and more.


Due to travel time, I had to miss the presentations of Chris Kresser and Robb Wolf, two all stars in this line up of speakers, but I will catch them online.  Their recent books, Unconventional Medicine outlining the future of healthcare, and Wired to Eat, are great additions to your top reading list.  To see the presentations, check out the Institute for Health and Healing facebook page and see the link to the videos.


Aligned with Mark Sisson, as a Primal Health Coach, I found it fascinating to see the emerging scientific evidence presented by these doctors, supporting the Primal Health principles.  What are some of the links and my top takeaways from the conference?


1. Reduce carbohydrates.  Decrease the amount our cells are exposed to glucose and insulin over a lifetime to reduce inflammation, disease, and biological aging.


2. Optimize Insulin. The master hormone, like a conductor of an orchestra, insulin is essential but in excess it creates inflammatory cascades and hormonal dysregulation.


3. Increase healthy fats and ketones (via ketogenesis)


4. Increase Intermittent Fasting; allowing enhanced cellular repair and detoxification.  Start with a 12 hour window and steadily increase as individually appropriate.  16:8 is an optimal ratio, allowing a higher generation of ketones to advance healing and repair.  Eat carbs earlier in the day when insulin sensitivity is high, and during physically active periods.  Finish eating several hours before bedtime to allow the body to enter deep restorative sleep and repair cycles.


5. Sleep. Strive for 7-8.5 hours of high quality sleep per night.  This is repair and detox time, essential to cellular health and longevity.  Mid day sun exposure, and turning off electronics at least two hours before bedtime, help balance the melatonin/cortisol cycle.


6. A Healthy Gut Microbiome is key to health.  We have 10x as many bacterial cells in our body as human cells.   We must ensure they are working for us, and not against us! Reducing carbs, lectins and chemical toxins, while increasing vegetables, prebiotics, probiotics and fermented foods are a great place to start. Rotate your foods; too much of anything can be toxic and impair microbiome diversity and health.


7. Increase type IIb muscle fibers.  Move with power.  Jump, swing, vary intensities. Lift heavy things 2-3x a week and sprint every 7-10 days.


8. Eat whole foods, especially those rich in micronutrients as outlined in the Wahl’s protocol and the Primal Blueprint pyramid.


9. Avoid toxins such as sugars (including most fruits), grains, processed food, refined veggie oils, lectins, casein, pesticides, herbicides, chemical cleaners, and unfiltered tap water.


10. Stop sitting/being sedentary. Move frequently at a low level through out the day. Take breaks to get up, walk, breathe and reboot.


Many people have asked if I regret not returning to UCSF after my dance career, to complete my last 1.5 years of medical school. I am grateful for the incredible knowledge and critical thinking strategies that I learned in medical school, for the honor of being involved so closely in my patient’s lives, and for interacting daily with the brilliant, compassionate community at UCSF.  Yet, rather than treating disease with drugs and surgery, I am devoted to guiding people to thrive through intelligent movement, whole food (it is medicine!), rest/recovery and behavior. In this way, I hope to empower each person to reclaim their health, and lead themselves to optimal performance physically and mentally.


Thanks Everyone!  I hope this helps you in your path to thriving.  Here’s to your health and vitality,




Spring into Optimal Function; UCSF Leaders Unite


Have you heard of functional medicine? Perhaps you are wondering what it is?  Next weekend, I will be attending a functional medicine conference with leaders in the field, at the University of California San Francisco.  I am thrilled to be studying with this body of critical thinkers and cutting edge researchers, at the school where I began my own path towards a career in medicine.   In the midst of my third year at UCSF School of Medicine, I accepted an opportunity to dance in Europe which launched my career as a professional dancer.  While this altered my path away from practicing conventional medicine, it determined an innovative future path towards optimal health through integrative approaches in conventional and functional sciences, with movement as a primary driver.

Combining my passions for scientific inquiry, health optimization, and my obsession (yes, obsession!) with beautiful, powerful movement, I am committed to guiding people to thrive  through the art and science of intelligent movement, nourishing food, quality rest/recovery, and focused positive mindset.
The conference on March 10 will feature Chris Kresser whose recent book, Unconventional Medicine (see prior blog entry) provides a wealth of resources for people seeking a comprehensive approach to optimizing health, and for locating a practitioner. Chris is a leader in functional medicine, A.K.A “root cause medicine”.  In contrast to conventional medicine which often isolates systems of the body and treats symptoms with drugs and/or surgery, functional medicine approaches the body as an integrated whole, healing multiple systems simultaneously.  Regulating circadian rhythms, digestion, hormone balance, amplifying cellular repair and reducing systemic inflammation are starting points for launching the body into high gear for healing.  This is not a trend, but rather a rediscovery of what has led to thriving health throughout history.  The work is tremendously effective and requires one to be captain of their own ship, committing to lifestyle changes essential to health;  a whole food diet,  rest and recovery, balanced movement, and positive mindset–the ability to focus in constructive ways, and to build stress resilience.  This is the work I have been devoted to studying all my life, researching and experimenting to overcome my own health challenges, and I strive to continue to bring the work of top researchers and critical thinkers to you.
Other leading speakers at the conference will include Dr. Sara Gottfried, (Harvard Medical hormone guru!), Terry Wahls (see her TED Talk on how she cured herself of MS through a whole food diet), and Dr. Akil Palanisamy who will discuss Ayurvedic Medicine from a functional perspective and his ideas on how to reverse the diabetes epidemic.  
My studies with mentor, Mark Sisson, founder of the Primal Health Coach Program, author, speaker, and leader of the nation’s top blog on natural and ancestral health, enrich my knowledge and assimilation of health concepts daily.  If you seek to optimize your health (which I know you do if you are reading this!), subscribe to his blog at, and to mine.  Here you will find a wealth of information, viewed from various perspectives, guiding you to question and discover the answers that are right for you.  Be curious.  Question everything.  Do the research.  And pay attention to how your own body responds to the changes you make. This is the heart of true health, leading to incredible rewards in reversing disease and amplifying vitality.
Thank you for your dedication to optimizing your health. 
Let’s keep rising higher and higher, together!
To your health,