The Six Week Empower Transformation Challenge

Become Stronger, Leaner, Smarter, Happier, More Energetic and Stress Resilient as you age! Learn to create simple shifts in food, movement, and lifestyle to create vibrant health and energy for life.

Follow along as you choose. You are free to progress at your own pace. I encourage you to take time to focus on one chapter a week to truly instill positive new habits in each area before moving on to the next.

I invite your questions and encourage you to submit these through our Empower Community, our own community space to share ideas.


FEEL GREAT. Be energized, healthy, strong, clear minded, focused, happy, and resilient
Learn tools to help prevent and/or reverse metabolic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, or cancer
Lose fat, build muscle
Decrease inflammation, aches and pains
Improve digestion
Enhance hormone balance
Build strength
Increase bone density
Elevate cognitive function and clarity of thought
Improve mood, decrease anxiety/depression, enhance joy
Elevate function and the ability to engage fully in meaningful work and relationships
Improve energy and zest for life!

Click here to join now

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