A True Key to Vitality: Lift Heavy Things and Build Muscle

What is one thing each of us can do to create long term health and vitality?

Lift heavy things and build muscle. 

It is part of my mission to guide people to understand how crucial this is to one’s entire health and wellbeing. 

Building muscle does not have to make you big and bulky. 

Intelligently done, it will make you leaner, stronger, sharper, and more resilient to illness and injury. 

Muscle is the largest endocrine organ in the body and plays a foundational role in healthy physiology. 

Every time a muscle contracts a shower of chemicals, myokines, cascade through the body. 

Myokines are pretty incredible. They enhance:

*fat and glucose metabolism


*browning of white fat

*bone formation

*endothelial cell function


*skin structure

*tumor suppression and


Myokines raise insulin sensitivity and lower insulin resistance. They lower inflammation. 

This means that muscle contraction and the subsequent myokine release, are incredibly important in offsetting chronic metabolic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. 

And in feeling and looking more youthful and energetic.  

Beyond the aesthetics of lean body mass and defined musculature, strength training is foundational to a host of benefits including; 

  • bone density
  • joint health
  • brain health and cognition
  • heart health
  • immune function
  • enhanced daily function and engagement in life
  • injury prevention
  • improved posture
  • optimal athletic performance
  • hormone optimization
  • stem cell proliferation
  • longevity gene activation
  • reduced anxiety, depression and hostility
  • mental fortitude and resilience
  • alertness and reaction time
  • power
  • co-ordination
  • balance
  • insulin sensitivity and resilience against metabolic diseases (heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, dementia and cognitive decline)
  • reduced inflammation

Strength training and high quality dietary protein allow us to maintain and build muscle mass. They are critical to optimal health, especially as we age. 

When we build muscle, we create more resources for healthy metabolic processes in the body. 

Movement and food are powerful medicine!

Enjoy moving into vibrant health!

Best always,


Disclaimer; Coaching services and information on this site include education, guidance and tips on primal living and generally healthy movement.  I am not a medical doctor and services are not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for a diagnosis, treatment, or prescription that a physician, licensed dietitian, physical therapist or health care professional might recommend.

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