——–Take the 5 Day Reset Challenge!!———–

Get ready! Jump in, join the fun and feel great.

Be resilient. Elevate Immunity. Be a strong, healthy, happy human being!

Let’s do this!
Lets get in the best shape of our lives and be immune boosting beasts. Be champions of health and build fortresses of vitality.

What is it?
The 5 Day Reset. Each day, follow the empowering challenges for fueling yourself with nutritious food, intelligent movement, quality rest and positive mindset/ stress resilience to build vital energy for health, immunity, and high quality living.  These are simple shifts in food, movement, and lifestyle. No magic bullets, no potions, no prescriptions.  These are your self empowering tools to create health and vitality.

I run this quarterly on instagram (follow me @empowerpilatesmalibu), and am including the entire Reset here for those who are individual go-getters. Follow along as you choose.  My role is to guide and empower you. You choose how to challenge and respect yourself, conducting a personal experiment and observing what works for you in optimizing health and wellbeing.

FEEL GREAT!  Be energized, strong, clear minded, focused, happy, and resilient.
The time has never been more pertinent to be in top health. As we come out of quarantine, begin increasing exposure to various pathogens, we need top-notch immune systems and energy to protect us and guide us to live high quality lives.

Other benefits; learn tools to help prevent and/or reverse metabolic disease/risk (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cognitive decline/Alzheimer’s, risk of cancer); enhanced lean body composition, strength, bone density, cognitive function, mood, energy, clarity of thought, energy and zest for life!

Let’s have fun getting fierce!

The Primal Blueprint Pyramid outlines the Whole Foods we will focus on. Stock your fridge and pantry with these, and clear out the sugars, grains, processed foods and unhealthy oils. Focus on the high quality fuel. Get ready to FEEL GREAT!

Get Ready: Pre Game Day

✅Prep Day is Today.

What are your goals? Do you want to feel vibrant? Think clearly? Feel lean and strong? What  is the driving force behind your goals? Do you want to find out just how good it can get? Jump on board! Let’s get healthier together!

Now is time to get in the best shape of your life.  Be the master of your health and your life!

✅Primal Shopping Spree🥬🥒🥕🥩

Refer to the Primal Approved Foods list (below) as your handy shopping list, and start filling your fridge, freezer, and pantry with your favorite items! Thrive Market is a fantastic place to order healthy products at wholesale prices. Use this link for 25% off your order.

Set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with healthy foods to support you.

You have all it takes within you to live with radiant energy and vibrant health!

Day 1: Launch Day!!

Yay!! Here we go!  Taking on the challenge to be healthier, happier, smarter, more resilient and energetic!

✅ Challenge of the Day;
Fill up on Nutrient Dense Foods, Avoid Toxins

✅ *Eat nourishing non-toxic foods; meat, fish, fowl, eggs, (wild caught /grass fed/local organic whenever possible), vegetables (organic, local; prepare appropriately to reduce anti-nutrients, be wary of nightshades). See the Primal Blueprint Pyramid. Aim for 75% of your plate to be filled with dark green and colorful vegetables, top with high quality protein (.7grams per pound lean body mass is a general target), and garnish with spices and healthy fats to satiety.

*Hydrate; drink one to two glasses of water on waking. Aim to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces in small sips throughout the day. Add a pinch of high quality sea salt or Himalayan salt to ensure your body absorbs the water and maintains a healthysodium balance. Adding lemon or cucumber wedges to your water is a delicious way to improve hydration.

* Avoid toxins: first to go are sugars, grains, processed foods and veggie oils such as canola, cottonseed, corn, safflower, soybean, or grapeseed.  These are inflammation factories and are often used in packaged foods and in restaurants.  Check labels and ask about the ingredients in your food.  You will probably uncover hidden inflammatory triggers that your body and brain are eager to be free of.

✅Opt for avocado oil, coconut oil, ghee for cooking, and olive oil for salads. 

Decrease alcohol consumption. 

Focus on low glycemic index foods.

Avoid CAFO (confined agricultural feeding operations) products.

✅Eat real, whole nutrient dense foods from clean sources (grass fed, wild caught, organic, and local whenever possible).

*If you find yourself about to sway from your goal, STOP and ASK:
“Why am I eating this? Do I really want this? Is this in alignment with my highest goals?? Do I want this to be a part of me?”

*Define your WHY, determine your PLAN, take ACTION, and CELEBRATE every success!

*Give yourself a mental high five when you succeed at a new positive behavior. This is key to creating enduring behavior change. The surge of dopamine that comes with celebration and acknowledgement will hardwire the new behavior as you associate it with feeling great!

NOTE: How do these foods make you feel??

✅My favorite place to shop online for healthy products at wholesale products is Thrive Market. Use this link to save 25% off your order.

✅Enjoy an array of wonderful Primal approved products from Primal Kitchen, including delicious sauces, olive oil, avocado oil, collagen powder and more. Delicious and so good for you.

You’ve got this! Enjoy your power to create health and vitality.

Day 2: Intelligent Movement

It’s here!  We are rising!! Let’s do this: Be healthy, strong, resilient, happy human beings! Become immune powerful and feel great.

Here are our challenges of the day:

✅Continue with yesterday’s challenge; NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD and AVOIDING TOXINS.  What went well?  Great job!! Keep it up!! And add on….


Choose one or more forms of movement that are appealing to you;

* Move frequently at a moderate pace, 30-60 minutes of brisk walking or equivalent, especially after meals (try 10-20 minutes after each meal to balance blood glucose and insulin levels, and reduce insulin resistance). Building aerobic capacity (in the target Heart Rate Range of 180-your age) is paramount now, as our respiratory health is critical in the face of COVID-19.

* Move frequently throughout the day.  Every hour get up and move around for a few minutes to keep the body and brain healthy and resilient.

* Lift heavy things with excellent technique . Start with body weight movements such as squats, planks, push ups, and pull ups, scaled to your ability. Add resistance bands, weights and power movements as your ability allows. Take the time to study proficient technique and focus on this throughout the session. Come join us on the patio at Malibu Fitness!

* Perform Pilates,  an excellent way to build strength and mobility with control, and elevate immunity.  During WWI and the outbreak of the tragic Spanish Flu, the detainees training with Joseph Pilates were the only ones to RESIST the PANDEMIC.  In analyzing this, one can attest to the strong immune building characteristics of the Pilates mat work:  healthy lymphatic, respiratory and cardiovascular systems are critical to immunity.  The Pilates system activates all of these.  The focused work develops personal mastery and resilience. Pilates VIDEOS I have created for you to follow whenever you like, no equipment needed are a great way to develop a consistent, reliable routine.

Define your WHY, determine your PLAN, take ACTION, and CELEBRATE!

Give yourself a mental high five when you succeed at a new positive behavior.

NOTE: How do you feel????


Challenge of the Day:  Keep up your great habits from the last two days, eating nutritious foods and moving intelligently, and add SLEEP LIKE A PRO.

Sleep is our body’s healing and repair time, which leads to big gains in immunity and disease prevention. Aim for 7-8.5 hrs (without prescription sleep medications which reduce deep sleep quality) tonight.

A few pro sleep tips to help:

*✅ Sleep in a cool, dark, quiet, clean room.

*✅ Finish eating at least two hours before bed.

*✅ Enjoy a peaceful walk after dinner. Create a calm, relaxing evening.

*✅ Tech shut down. Establish a Tech Curfew 1-2 hrs before bed.

*✅ Honor Circadian Rhythms to optimize cortisol/ melatonin cycles. Get natural sunlight as early in the day as possible. Turn off blue lights after sunset. Set your tech devices to Night Shift mode, or wear blue light blocking glasses.  Awaken early tomorrow morning, hopefully near sunrise and without an alarm. Just do the best you can.  Expose yourself to direct sunlight as soon as you wake up, and consider an energizing morning ritual (breathing and stretching exercises, cold water plunge, hot shower, neighborhood stroll), if you are not the morning type.

*✅ Enjoy creating the environment for your body to heal itself, regenerate, build immune resilience, and create great energy for your life.

Give yourself a mental high five when you succeed at a new positive behavior.

Note: When you get great sleep, How do you feel?  Let that inspire you to make it happen!


Today we continue positive habits from Days 1, 2, 3, and we add….

The ability to maintain calm in face of challenge, to navigate our thoughts and to choose the optimal path is a superpower, elevating our vitality, our immunity, and our meaningful work in the world.

A positive, growth mindset not only helps us feel better in the moment, but induces long term structural changes in the brain, thereby making us more receptive to feelings of joy and hope, and more resilient to stress, over a lifetime.

Here are some of my favorite tools.  I hope you like them too.

*Shift from a Threat Response to a Challenge Response; The next time you find yourself thinking, “I’m scared”, redirect your neurochemistry by stating “I’m excited” and gear yourself up for becoming stronger and smarter than ever before.

*Be intentional. Set a daily intention each morning. This can take just 60 seconds. Who do you want to be? How do you want to show up? What world class identity do you envision for yourself? What qualities are necessary to do this?  What steps can you take now?

*Create positive affirmations and mantras. They can be as simple as, ” I am happy and calm”, “I am valuable.”, “Everyday, in every way, I am healthier and stronger”, “Drop the fear.” Make them meaningful to you, and recite them often, especially in the morning.

* Practice gratitude. Start with three things. Watch this grow to 30 before you know it.

* Practice Navy Seal inspired Box Breathing; start with inhaling for 4 counts, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4. Breathing not only provides vital oxygen and eliminates toxins, but shifts the mind and neurophysiology away from harmful stress reactions (sympathetic Fight or Flight mode) towards healing and revitalization (parasympathetic Rest and Digest mode).


This is it!  The best day of the challenge!  We add Days 1-4, continuing:
✅Nutrient Dense Food,
✅Intelligent Movement,
✅Quality Rest,
✅Stress Resilience/ Positive Growth Mindset

And we ADD;

How do these changes feel?
Are they connecting you to your BIG GOALS, such as radiant energy, health, and the ability to be your best in your work and relationships?
What obstacles came up?
What supports do you have?
What plan do you have to continue moving towards your goals?
Who is on your team? Create one!
Reach out to friends, mentors, coaches, and create community. Reach out to those you respect, trust and who inspire you to rise to the best version of yourself. I am cheering you on! Ready to dive in for more? Contact me for personal coaching where we go into much more detail on the Four Pillars of Health, your individual goals, obstacles, support systems, strategies, questions, and opportunities to create vibrant energy in your life.

Now is time to get in the best shape of our lives.  To be resilient to Covid-19  and to prevent metabolic diseases which have become pandemic in the US.  Let’s do this!

Run your own personal experiment.  Find out what makes you feel great and leads you to an optimal life. And have fun doing it!

You have all it takes to live with radiant energy and health.

Be a strong, healthy, smart, resilient, happy human being. 

Ready, set, go!!

Here’s to vitality.

Best to you,


Disclaimer; Coaching services and information on this site include education, guidance and tips on primal living and generally healthy movement.  I am not a medical doctor and services are not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for a diagnosis, treatment, or prescription that a physician, licensed dietitian, physical therapist or health care professional might recommend.

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