Be a Champion of Health, for Life! Create Resilience, Boost Immunity.


Thank you to all for taking the leap into virtual training! It is a joy and honor to be witness to you rising in the face of resistance, and continuing to move powerfully forward in the safety and comfort of your own home. Staying active, positive, and strongly grounded in the midst of challenging times is key to boosting resilience and immunity.

Videos are now available! Train on your own time, in your own space. My goal is to empower you to stay moving, strong, healthy, curious, engaged, and inspired. Choose from Classical Core, a moving flow of exercises set alongside the majestic ocean, Advanced Pilates Matwork, or Core Fundamentals by the mountains. Enjoy exploring options at Shop: Videos and Tutorials.

Covid 19 has been a clear wake up call. It is more apparent than ever that the best resilience to infection is robust health. By preventing conditions such as insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, we protect ourselves against the tragic effects of pandemic viruses.

Did you know that 90% of health care dollars are spent on treating chronic disease? What if we shifted that to preventing disease? And how do we make that a reality? We can take personal responsibility to elevate the health of our entire planet by committing to being self-care ninjas! Joseph Pilates exemplified this as a visionary leader during World War 1.

Indeed, it was during WWI and the outbreak of the tragic Spanish Flu, that the detainees training with Joseph Pilates were the only ones to resist the pandemic!  Their camp was similar to those of others suffering from the outbreak, except that they were the only ones training daily in Joseph Pilates’s matwork system.

In analyzing this, one can attest to the strong immune building characteristics of the Pilates matwork:  healthy lymphatic, respiratory and cardiovascular systems are critical to immunity.  The Pilates system activates all of these.  Healthy lymphatic flow is driven by activation of transverse abdominus, the calf muscles, and the entire body musculature though diverse positions, including inversions, driving lymphatic flow powerfully through the body. The focus on powerful breathing activates the respiratory system in coordination with movement. And the cardiovascular system is strengthened as the body is worked vigorously and continuously with deep core engagement. Joseph Pilates’ matwork system has been attributed as the factor in creating robust internal immunity with which his fellow detainees resisted the pandemic influenza in 1918.

May this empower your belief in your ability to create health, and be more resilient against prevailing viruses and infections. Colds and flus will be less detrimental when your immune system is strong.

We can replace fear with power. The power lies within us to elevate our health and immune systems through the Four Pillars of Health: intelligent movement, nourishing food, quality rest and positive mindset. It is more important than ever before to invest in our health bank accounts, to fortify ourselves, and to create healthy immune systems to fight viruses, infections and illness. And in so doing, to feel the thrill of vibrant, radiant health!

If ever there were a time to upgrade healthy lifestyle habits, it is now.

Become a healthy deviant.

A champion of health, for life!

I’m cheering you on!

Best to all,


Disclaimer; Coaching services and information on this site include education, guidance and tips on primal living and generally healthy movement. I am not a medical doctor and services are not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for a diagnosis, treatment, or prescription that a physician, licensed dietitian, physical therapist or health care professional might recommend.

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