Happy Healthy Holidays!

side plank CorsicaHappy Holidays, Everybody!!

As 2019 comes to a close and 2020, the year of Vision and Clarity, evolves, it is an opportune time to reflect:

*What goal are you most proud of having achieved in your health and wellness this year?

*What is one of the most pivotal things you have learned?

*How will these answers guide you in defining the steps you would like to move forward on, in 2020?
Some of you have sought guidance on how to stay healthy during the holidays. How does one navigate the abundant sugary treats and alcohol and more??  Here are a few helpful tips to enjoy your festivities while honoring yourself:

*Be intentional. Set an intention about your vision of your best self.  What does it feel like? Look like? What choices does this best self make to nourish, move, recover, and live with vitality? Create a mantra that reinforces a positive best self identity, such as: ” I am a healthy, vibrant person”.  “I invest in high quality lifestyle choices and relationships”. “I am a world class athlete”.  These mantras reinforce a positive vision of oneself and create patterns in the nervous system to inspire healthy choices.  This imprinting is powerful.

*Eat some protein and veggies before you go!  Yes, before you leave, fuel up to prevent cravings for sugary snacks.   Without protein, we tend to continue feeling hunger and snack on the abundance of carbohydrates and alcohol at parties.

*Stay hydrated.  Keep a glass of sparkling water with lemon/lime wedges or berries in hand.  This will help you feel less hungry, and prevent habitual snacking and sipping on alcohol.

*Stand up and keep moving around. Focus on the people, conversations, and the spirit of the holiday, rather than making food a central focus. Take it all in.  Practice gratitude.

*Enjoy your celebration! Enjoy what you eat and drink, take your time and savor it.  Be present.  Think of the delicious quality and being amongst great friends.  Focus on quality rather than quantity.

*Before the party, put your gym shoes at the door to remind you to join us at Malibu Fitness the next day, or go for a walk/run,  moving yourself into health and vitality!

*Surround yourself with people who support your goals, encourage your positive lifestyle choices, and who want to see you rise!

One of my favorite holiday primal recipes resources is Mark’s Daily Apple.   Enjoy feeling great with delicious healthy options to celebrate the holidays!

Wishing you health, happiness, vitality and time with those you love most this holiday season and beyond!

Best to all,


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