Joining the Primal Health Coach Team!


I am so honored and happy to officially join the Primal Health Coach Team!

Thank you to my outstanding mentors, Mark Sisson and Christine Hassler, and everyone on the PHC Team, leading the path to reclaiming health and vitality.  Your devotion to constant research, strategic thinking, and sharing information is deeply inspiring.

As a Primal Health Coach, I educate people about scientifically based optimal health behaviors and encourage them on their journey towards their personal health and wellness goals.  This is based on the pillars of intelligent movement, nutrient dense whole food, optimal recovery/rest, positive mindset, stress resilience and avoiding toxins.  Rather than treating symptoms of a disease, I focus on cultivating health, amplifying the body’s ability to heal itself, up-regulating longevity genes, down-regulating inflammation, and leading to feelings of great energy and vitality.  Each of us has this incredible power within.  Let’s apply it and see how good life can get!

Thank you to mentors around the world adding to this exciting body of knowledge. I am so eager to share!

Here’s to vitality!

Best to all,
Primal Health Coach Badge:Logo
PHC Team Malibu

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