Notes on Mindset and Daily Practice

IMG_2657Streamline your body and your mind. Rising to one’s highest potential is tough work, and so deeply rewarding. There are days when obstacles abound. And we can turn them around, embracing obstacles as opportunities to make us stronger. With this mindset, we shift into high gear, with excitement for the goals before us and our ability to climb towards them.

Just keep climbing. One step at a time. Discipline, determination, passion, commitment, courage. I ask myself, “Who do I want to be? How do I want to feel? What can I create in service to a greater cause? How can I inspire someone today? ”  The possibilities are endless. Make it happen. And have fun seeing just how good it can get!!

Beam light in the face of challenge. Beam light to those who criticize you and transform negative to positive.

Practice. Commitment. Grit. Courage. Discipline.

There will always be chaos out there. I have the power to choose what I will focus on, how I want to feel and what I will create.  These ideas give me strength and carry me a little bit closer towards my highest dreams each day.

How will you shine today? What positive change will you create? You never know who you will inspire and empower. Your light can change someone’s life for the better right now.

Whatever you choose, study it with curious intent. Practice with deep focus. Commit with all your heart, body and mind. No great things evolve overnight. They are the culmination of small, incremental gains taken painstakingly over time. Give it all you have got! You can do it.

Ready, set, Go! Enjoy the adventure.

Best to all,



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