Movement is Medicine.

extension on trapeze

Honor the power of your mind and body to move yourself into thriving vitality. Through thoughtful, intelligent movement, nourishing food, quality rest/recovery and positive mindset, we can move ourselves out of pain or imbalance into power. See what you can create today. What is one step you can take towards your vision of radiant vitality today? Go ahead, take it.  And enjoy soaring a little bit higher each day!

Through movement we can shift our neurochemistry from anxiety or depression to well being, and our physiology from inflammation to health. Health depends on the balanced chemistry (homeostasis) of our blood and cells, in all systems of the body (nervous, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, endocrine, digestive, immune, respiratory and more). We have the power to shift our chemistry from a destructive state, to a healing state, according to how we choose to live our lives. The field of epigenetics explains how the information we expose ourselves to, (such as foods we eat, toxins we are exposed to, how we move, sleep, and how we perceive stressors) influences how our genes are expressed. Genes do not dictate our health. Our choices about what information we present to our genes, determines how these genes are expressed, and the subsequent state of health that evolves.

Our bodies want to be healthy. They are working constantly to do their very best for us. To detoxify, to heal, to learn and optimize function, according to what we expose ourselves to in terms of food, movement, toxins, stressors, relationships, sleep/recovery, and where we focus our attention.
Choose health. Trust your ability to move yourself to a state of thriving health and well being. YOU CAN DO IT.  Here’s to vitality!!

Best to all,




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