Commitment in Challenging Times, and Dancing in the Rain

LFD Royal Lazienki Park Palace

Let your light shine through all the clouds!” I held this in my heart as I took ballet class with Stefan Wenta in the rain yesterday.  Suddenly, amidst the gray skies, I felt a surge of wonderful energy and clarity with beautiful, powerful movement. May you be finding ways to shine in the rain. When times are gray, uncertain, challenging, what fuels you to rise and be your best?

The experience reminded me of this time captured in the above photo, performing in WARSAW, Poland, with Liss Fain Dance. At the magnificent outdoor stage in Royal Lazienki Palace Park.  Sponsored by the US Embassy to perform, we had come from SF to promote cultural understanding between our countries. On opening day, a downpour cascaded upon us!! Non stop buckets of rain. We stayed focused and kept moving forward, and suddenly the clouds parted…

Without a moment’s hesitation, audience members jumped onstage with towels, scarves, whatever they could find to mop the stage dry for us! The gesture was beautiful; an incredible expression of human spirit. They were so eager to experience what we had come to give. We were deeply inspired, and despite claps of thunder and lightning, we soared onstage and dedicated ourselves to one of our most memorable performances! It was exhilarating.

Your gifts are invaluable. Work with rigor, discipline and faith, and opportunities will come for you to radiate your gifts forward in great service to the world. The clouds will part and give you the opportunity to shine.  Turn a cloudy day into a masterpiece. And when you see the light in the eyes of those you have served and inspired, you will be ready to do it all over again!!

Happy Birthday Liss Fain!! Thank you for the magic you bring to life with your dedication and focus.

Best to all,



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