Hope in Times of Fear. Obstacles Make us Stronger.

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Hope. The sky is alive with light tonight as I look towards our beautiful Malibu from Santa Monica. Our community is reeling from the effects of the wildfires this week.  I am moved by the grace of our heroic first responders and community members reaching out to one another.  I am personally so grateful to loving friends who have provided me and my dog with a home away from home, the Air BNB Open Homes Program and the lovely family that has opened their space to me here for shelter, the pilates community that welcomes me to teach my Malibu students here in Santa Monica, (thank you Pilates on Pico and Sandpiper Pilates) so that we can work and move forward through all of this.

Finding myself in the open, loving arms of beautiful friends in Santa Monica as I fled from the Malibu Fires was a beautiful gift. Thank you dear friends, Kira, Barb, Eric, and Marlowe for welcoming me. Providing shelter, friendship, insight and patience. What a delight to share morning walks, stories, ideas, and playtime with you! You have a very special place in my heart forever. Your kindness and radiant spirits are ever inspiring.

I am most grateful for the Grace that saved our stronghold Malibu Fitness, and the warrior spirit within us all.  I look forward to beginning together again at Malibu Fitness when living and working conditions are restored.  Malibu we are strong, we are grateful, we unite, and we bring light to the darkness. Thank you to our valiant community that is working round the clock to rebuild, recover, and reinvent.  We become stronger with each obstacle we rise above.

Movement is Medicine. Thank you to Live Athletics for giving me the gift of working out with them today while I am in fire evacuation mode. Hope all of you out there recovering from the fires are safe, and finding ways to take excellent care of yourselves, especially now.  Once shelter is in place, prioritize optimal movement, nourishing food, quality sleep and positive mindset to create vital energy for yourself.  We will all need this energy to rebuild together and to rise optimally again.

Thank you Fire Fighters for your heroic work. So much sorrow for all who have lost. Gratitude for lives saved. Good intentions being sent to all. Be safe. We will rebuild our strong, beautiful community together.

Love and light to all,


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