Adventures in Croatia

Exploration invigorates the mind, body and spirit.  Lured by photos of the crystalline azure blue waters, rugged coastlines, and the rich history of Croatia, I envisioned a journey to this land quite some time ago.  Led by my curious spirit and insights from Lonely Planet and Rick Steve’s guidebooks, I am very grateful to have realized this dream.  Welcomed by the Croatian people, I found them to be truly lovely, with warrior spirits.  As a solo traveler, I felt very safe here and was astounded by the low levels of crime.   Here, I include some notes and photos from my travels, hoping to inspire and empower you to envision your dreams in vibrant detail, determine the steps to make them happen,  and to take action!  The rewards of exploring the unknown, and creating new connections around the world are invaluable.



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Day 1; Dubrovnik, I love you. Majestic natural beauty, warrior spirits and rich culture meet here. Tonight Old Town Dubrovnik is alight with the magic of the Dubrovnik Philharmonic’s Jazz performance. Music and movement are everywhere!


Day 2: We were blessed with one of the most stunning sunsets of the season tonight in Dubrovnik, according to locals. From the top of Mt Srd by Napolean’s fortress, a group of us perched on rocks along the mountainside watching the colors dance across the expansive sky above the bustling city and ports below. Possibilities are endless with such inspiring beauty.


Day 3: Hiking the magical island of Lokrum, with peacocks and rabbits guiding my way. Beauty is everywhere. May curiosity lead you to beautiful discoveries today.


You are powerful. Create the life you want to live. Keep moving and seeking discoveries of your highest potential everywhere. Step into the unknown. Happy weekend to all!!



“In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power.” Yuval Noah Harari. Playing on the mystical island of Lokrum, I am enjoying clarity and living by the Primal Blueprint laws of spending time in nature, moving frequently at a slow pace, being in radiant sunshine, and playing! Swimming sprints sprinkled in with primal essential movements create optimal energy to discover new places and connect with the fascinating people of Croatia. Croatian fare of grilled fish, squid, vegetables and roasted lamb are primal delicacies to enjoy here.  Thank you Brian Johnson (, for your ever inspiring work, and encapsulating Harari’s ideas so optimally! Fabulous to travel with. Wishing you all a revitalizing weekend and times of clarity.


Day 5: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about dancing in the rain.” Vivian Greene. Indeed, that is what happens here in Hvar.  In this land of lavender and sailing ships we all danced, played and laughed together in the downpour, celebrating life! Following a five month dry spell, this storm created rivers in the streets and waterfalls from the rooftops.


Dance wherever you go.  In the Hvar Town Fortress . Happy World Ballet Day 2018.




Day 7: Revitalization in the fragrant forests of Plitvice National Park, waterfalls cascading powerfully all around into crystalline pools below. Wonder. Astonishment. Go after your dreams with a bold spirit, a courageous heart, and a curious mind.

Vitality evolves when living by the Primal Blueprint Laws: moving frequently at a comfortable pace, eating nourishing plants and animals, enjoying adequate sunlight and time in nature, using your brain, avoiding stupid mistakes and toxins, lifting heavy things, sprinting once in a while, and getting adequate sleep.   These are powerful laws to live by, especially in the midst of such majestic nature and while navigating the puzzles that international travels present.

Move out of your comfort zone. Expand your horizons. And climb one step higher towards your goals each day.  Wishing you revitalizing time moving forward in all your explorations this weekend, and ever more.

Here’s to vitality!

Best to all,


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