Bone and Connective Tissue Health; Speed Your Healing!


Summer is officially just around the corner, and beckons us to enjoy moving in the great outdoors.  Lured by the beauty of Pt Dume, I had an exciting rock climbing adventure a few weeks ago..scaling the rock wall with the ocean waves roaring behind me, this is one of my favorite activities in nature.  However, this time I tweaked my ankle and endured a stress fracture.  This has lead me to take some time researching bone quality and healing, and thinking about what injuries can teach us.

I came upon a detailed article, How to Speed Fracture Healing, by Susan Brown, PhD of the Center for Better Bones.  It begins by outlining that our body’s innate intelligence guides our bones to heal naturally, and what we do during this time has a strong impact on the outcome.  She describes the physiology of healing, including the inflammatory,reparative, and remodelling stages. The nutritional demand for optimal healing is high!  To speed the healing process, it is recommended to increase  intake of calories, protein/amino acids, antioxidants (to offset the free radicals created during the inflammation process), and 20 key nutrients including Vitamin D3, K2 (this is key to guiding calcium to the right places in the body— to the bone rather than to the arteries or soft tissues where it can cause damage), B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium, silicon and phosphorus.

I prefer to get nutrients from whole foods whenever possible, but do also take some supplements of high quality.  To boost my own bone healing, I have a few favorite foods such as bone broth gelatin/collagen , grass fed organic ghee/eggs/liver (rich in vitamin K2), coconut oil, cod liver oil, organic vegetables, omega-3 rich sardines and wild alaskan salmon.   Nutritionist and Gray Institute Fellow, Brandi Marshall shared the chart below with me, highlighting foods rich in healing nutrients.

I am also trying the healing powers of comfrey root poultices and creams, essential oils, acupuncture, massage, and Kelly Starrett’s voo doo flossing (on hold until I am out of the boot!). Sleep is a priority.

While each injury is frustrating, I strive find the lesson behind it.  What is this telling me about where I can find more balance in my life; nutrition/hydration, movement, rest/recovery, behavior? How can I use this experience to grow stronger, more resilient and adaptable? And to guide myself and others to optimal performance in athletics and life?

The body has a miraculous capacity to heal.  Injury and repair allows us to appreciate this innate power.  And inspires us to explore some different movement endeavors during the healing process; here’s to the pool!

Health and happiness to all,






Vegetables Leafy green vegetables

Tropical fruits

Processed foods Boxes, cans, tubes, jars

Bright colored vegetables

Starchy vegetables

Gluten containing grains Wheat, barley, rye

Sulfur containing vegetables cruciferous, mushrooms, onions

Starchy fruits

Conventional Dairy

Higher Fiber/Lower Sugar Fruits Berries

NonHgluten containing grains

Conventional Meats

Fats/Oils H Coconut, Avocado, Olive, grassfed butter or ghee (preferably raw)

Raw or organic dairy (case specific, as tolerable)

Fats/Oil – corn, canola, vegetable, and seed oil that is not cold pressed

Grass fed Beef

Fermented food – grassfed plain yogurt


Pasture Raised Chickens, Pork

Raw Nuts

Table Salt

Pasture Raised Eggs

Sea Salt

Tap Water

Wild Caught Fish

Organic Coffee


Bone Broth

Dining Out

Mixed Drinks

Fermented Foods Sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, kombucha

Wine, spirits

Fast Food

Organ Meats



Spring Water or filtered water



Fresh herbs



Herbal tea




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