Pilates in the Sun and Sand!

As Coach Mark Sisson teaches us, follow the wisdom of the Primal Blueprint Laws: Spend Time in Nature and Get Adequate Sunlight. Feet in the sand, and cool ocean breezes amidst the warmth of radiant summer sun. Sounds delightful, right? And science documents how this is essential to optimal health. Barefoot time in the sand not only enhances the health of the immune system and gut microbiome, but also connects one to the Earth’s electrical field (“Earthing” or “Grounding”), reducing inflammation throughout the body. Negative ions generated when air molecules are split by solar radiation, wind or water energize the body at a cellular level. Isn’t it invigorating to go for a walk in the wind, the rain, or by the ocean? Negative ions are at work, revitalizing your brain and body with restorative energy.
Our bodies rely on sunlight to convert cholesterol into Vitamin D, an essential hormone that regulates cell growth, calcium metabolism, immune, cardiac and neurological function. Vitamin D is a key regulator of gene expression, and plays a pivotal role in preventing cancer. The best way to optimize Vitamin D levels in the body is with a 10-20 minute sunbathing session mid day, with attention to never burn. Ability to make Vitamin D varies with latitude, angle of the sun, skin pigmentation, area of exposure, and reflective surfaces. It is important to protect overexposed areas of the body such as the hands, shoulders and face with a zinc based non toxic cream that blocks UVA rays, and/or clothing. Aim for a tan, not a burn! It is fascinating to note that for every skin cancer diagnosis due to overexposure to sunlight, there are 55 diagnoses due to insufficient sunlight. Be smart. Enjoy the sun and time outdoors. Use your brain, play, and enjoy the gift of powerful, beautiful movement! beach-pilates-jen-leg-pull-up

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