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What drives me: Inspiring people to be their personal best every day; guiding them to those “aha” moments, when the light goes on, and they accelerate towards being their personal best. I aim to provide excellence in guiding people out of pain and into high performance through intelligent movement, nourishing food, quality rest and positive mindset.  I strive to be a leader in educating and inspiring the public about living with vitality.

As a health coach, I aim to empower each person to progress towards their personal vision of vitality and living optimally.  I work with people who want to be healthy and are committed to doing the work.  Together, we create systems, or algorithms,  to thrive.  This includes best practices in the areas of movement, nutrition/hydration, rest/recovery, and mindset.    Removing toxins and building positive habits in each of these areas are fundamental to creating vitality from within.  These are the roots to optimal health which each of us has the capacity to generate within ourselves.  Building a strong foundation for health is not only critical to preventing illness,  but to living with vibrant energy, creating meaningful work and relationships, and thus, living with a deep sense of happiness, energy, and purpose.  Living with vitality, to one’s highest potential.

As as a student at UCSF Medical School I learned a wealth of information about assessing states of health with great respect to the complex interconnected systems of the body and mind.  My own serious health challenges led me to dive deeply into an array of resources to heal myself and thrive in a high performance state.  As a professional dancer I have gained tremendous insight from my own body’s experience as a laboratory of injury and repair.  My continuing education through pilates, personal training, physical rehabilitation, the Gray Institute, Mark Sisson’s Primal Health Coaching Program and other functional medicine paradigms, add to the resources I bring to each person.  I aim to bring the best strategies from an array of disciplines –from functional movement to ballet, and from western medicine to primal ancestral health–to create an optimal program for each individual I work with.

I have tremendous respect for the body’s ability to heal and achieve homeostasis, or balance. I aim to guide people through a positive, pain free movement experience that is revitalizing,  empowering, and which advances the body’s healing power, strength, mobility and overall performance.  I am inspired  to help people get “unstuck” from a spiral of “dis-ease” and propel them forward to an optimal healthy, vital state of well being; to guide people to realize that even in the presence of injuries, or illness, we can move ourselves to optimal health, and live in a thriving state, with lean, strong bodies and vibrant, strong minds.

I am devoted to sharing this transformational information with others, as I moved myself successfully out of many health challenges, including severe arthritis, osteoporosis before the age of forty, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalances, gut dysfunction, brain fog and more. The elation of once again living with vibrant energy and the ability to work at one’s highest potential, is a true gift.

While conventional medicine is excellent for treating trauma and infectious disease, the foundations of true health lie in the spheres of one’s own movement, nutrition, rest, mindset and relationships. Rather than treat disease, as the conventional medical model, I choose to guide people to cultivate optimal health within themselves.

There are many alternatives to surgery and/or medications.  Efficient movement — together with strategic nutrition, and positive lifestyle changes–is essential to healing.   I promote the philosophy that we can up regulate expression of the body’s DNA, hormones, and biochemistry—the body’s intrinsic healing system– on a deep cellular level, leading to enduring and profound advancements in health and function.

And I just love seeing people light up with the joy of movement.

Here’s to Vitality!

Best to all,


Disclaimer; Coaching services include education, guidance and tips on primal living and services are not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for a diagnosis or treatment that a physician, licensed dietitian, physical therapist or health care professional might recommend.

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